Charper Bonaroo

We have worked on a wide range of software products over the years and acquired intimate knowledge on various languages, frameworks and tools. We feel comfortable with ‘the usual suspects’ of web-development such as Ruby and Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (and frameworks like VueJS and React) and PHP. More recently we have been charmed by the Elixir language and the Phoenix Framework for building applications and API’s.

To a lesser extent we have a working knowledge on languages like C/C++, Python, and Java and Swift for Android and iOS development.

Next to application development we have extensive DevOps experience. We keep our applications running efficiently with Docker, Kubernetes, Google App Engine, Heroku, AWS, Chef and Puppet. connects dairyfarmers and traders on a structured communications platform to facilitate trade and ease administrative hassle.

Tools used

Phoenix Framework, Elixir, VueJS mobile first clientside app, Google AppEngine platform, PostgreSQL, Phantomjs, Mocha, Chai, Nightwatch, Selenium, Chromedriver, NodeJS, Webpack, SASS, Ecmascript 6, Babel, BEM, Sentry, GitLab, GitLab CI login afvoeropdracht stallijst


Native iOS app to digitize and upload job candidate identification documents to a secure Google Cloud Drive. This app was developed for internal use at a large Dutch employment agency.

Tools used

CocoaPods, Xcode, Swift, Ruby, Google Drive integration, Sentry

ScanID homescreen
ScanID invoerpagina
ScanID foto / is a platform that connects Dutch lawyers and bailiffs to support their process and communications.

Tools used

PostgreSQL, Gitlab, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap 3, Sentry

Fores homepage
Fores opdracht aanmaken
Fores opdrachten overzicht

Frosha: Machine Learning

Frosha is a learning algorithm that cleans and structures your data from all sources, and then combines it into a single, new, fully compliant and future-proof database.

Tools used

VueJS, Bootstrap 4

Frosha index
Frosha form

Sports Calendaring

Calendaring API backend and frontend app to facilitate reservations on tennis courts and calendars for various services like barduty-planning for tennis clubs across Europe.

Tools used

Phoenix Framework, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Gettext, VueJS, Heroku, GitHub, Semaphore CI

Sports Home
Sports Reserveren

YoungCapital “Microtools”

The YC-Hunt tool uses real-time scraping to search on a collection of websites, logging in automatically without the user having to even know the logins.

The YC-Scantion tool downloads publicly available sanction lists and allows the user to search in them in milliseconds, linking results to the source.

Tools used

NodeJS, Express, SCSS, Webpack, Bootstrap 3, Selenium & VueJS.

YC-Hunt logins
YC-Scantion search