Project Scan

We assume you've picked the right team. Now you want to launch fast. So you can show a demo and learn from your users. You want to spend little and keep on evolving your idea. Maybe you've already launched and want to evaluate if your startup is in good shape. Below is our project scan that will give you a report with a score per question and a total score. You'll receive these via email.

1. About your project

1.a Is your product or service aimed at consumers or businesses as the primary clients?

1.b Did you decide to buy and resell the product or did you build the product from scratch?

2. Intellectual Property and code

2.a Where lies the IP ownership?

2.b Do you have access to code?

2.c Do you have access to servers, databases and tools?

3. Code History

3.a Has all the software been developed in-house?

3.b If you are outsourcing, where is this being done?

3.c Is the person who wrote the initial version still the main developer?

3.d Have you already build a similar product in the past?

3.e What is the experience of the development team?

3.f Is development for your product heavily dependant on domain knowledge?

3.g Is the success of your product dependent on a few key people?

4. Agility

4.a What area of development are you optimizing for?

4.b How often do you have (major) releases?

4.c How do you choose to build something versus buying an off-the-shelf solution?

4.d What payment system do you use?

4.e Are some clients paying outside of the payment system?

5. Monitoring of product

5.a What are you monitoring?

5.b Do you have an internally developed monitoring system?

5.c Did you measure the current maximum capacity of the system?

5.d How often do you SSH into servers for debugging or console tasks?

6. Security and Compliance

6.a Are you using third-party data?

6.b Are you monitoring the licenses of third-party software?

6.c Do you have a backup of your version control system?

6.d If a database server dies, how much data would be unrecoverable?

6.e Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan and do you regularly excercise and refine the plan?

6.f What benefits do you have for your development team?

6.g How do you choose the technologies you work with?

6.h Who decides which technology will be used for development?

6.i What would you have to change to facilitate times 10, 100, 100000 more users?

6.j What hosting solution do you use?

6.k What happens if a third-party provider goes down?

6.l Do you rely on cron-jobs and/or workers in the system?

6.m Do you have a queueing system for automated jobs?

6.n Is sensitive or personal data encrypted?

7. Processes and Tools

7.a Do you use a version control system?

7.b Do you test software with unit tests?

7.c Do your developers review each others code before deployment?

7.d Can you deploy a specific version to a staging or production environment with one click or command?

7.e Do you have some kind of feature flag system so you have control over what functionality is exposed to specific users?

7.f Can you show certain features to a limited number of users without hard-coding it?

8. Organization

8.a Does management of the company know all ins-and-outs of the system?

8.b How often do you collect user feedback?

8.c How often does the development team speak with users?

8.d Do you have some power-users who are available to share feedback?

8.e Who can see the product roadmap?

Where can we email the score to?