The close-knit team at Charper Bonaroo specializes in software strategy, project rescue missions and automation pioneering. Having served far and wide, our team members bring together a powerful mix of software skills. We work in a wide array of markets and our clients range from the smallest businesses to large, national organisations. Whatever your market, product, problem or idea, Charper Bonaroo can help you change the status quo and set yourself apart from the competition.

How we work

  1. Project strategy

    Before any of our projects start we listen to your objectives and problems. We try to diagnose the underlying causes in order to answer one question: "Why should we make anything at all?" Of course we try to answer that question together with our clients. Mixing variables like scope, budget and time-to-market into the equation.
  2. Project planning

    After we have a reasonable grasp of what we are going to build, we'll plan and prioritize features and deliverables. We allocate resources as needed and make decisions about design, development-tools and architecture.
  3. Development

    Based on strategy and planning we start writing software (finally...). We adhere to Test Driven Development almost always and we make our code as bullet-proof as possible. We deliver continuously in small bits and pieces. Our clients can easily track progress and we ensure a short feedback-loop to keep the project on track.
  4. Deployment & maintenance

    Once a project nears completion we can robustely deploy our software to a platform of your or our choosing and scale to thousands of concurrent users (ideally of course...). In this stage we switch to a more supportive role and perform tweaks and updates if needed. We make sure your software keeps running as intended, safely and care free.
  5. Repeat

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Tools we use

We do projects in Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (NodeJS, VueJS, React), Elixir/Phoenix, Python, Java and Swift (Android & iOS).

We often build API's and Single Page Applications (SPA's). We adhere to Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration when appropriate.

Our team members built multilingual/international environments in JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby on Rails and PHP. We are used to dropping into existing codebases and working with existing, usually very busy, teams. We deploy on Google App Engine, Heroku, AWS or VPS. We use GitHub and GitLab for project management and issue tracking. Our ‘development language’, comments, issues and commit messages default to English.

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