Building NodeJS applications without dependencies

Updating projects can be a major pain as dependencies get outdated and need updating, and I got tired of it. I decided to challenge myself to write an application with not a single dependency.

Toby — 12-12-2023

Circuit Simulator: Compiling a bitmap

Compiling and simulating a circuit bitmap

Toby — 30-10-2023

Unity game development: iPad touch controls

Implementing Touch controls for my iPad in a Unity game

Toby — 03-09-2020

Contributing to JSDOM

Contributing to JSDOM by replacing request with fetch, including trouble-shooting and mistakes.

Toby — 06-07-2020

Hello, Developer;

Hello. You’re a developer. Here are your instructions.

Toby — 05-05-2020

Full Rich Text Search with Slate and PostgreSQL 12

Fast and clean full rich text search on json data with PostgreSQL

Matheus — 01-02-2020

Undo Typing: What happens in the DOM?

Did you drop your phone again while typing? You cannot undo dropping your phone, but at least you can undo the typing you’ve done on your phone before breaking the back glass.

But what actually happens in the DOM when you undo typing?

Toby — 22-01-2020

Creating & testing a TOTP package for NodeJS: Creating the package

This post focuses on the progress of this library to demonstrate the flow of writing an actual working NodeJS package, including comprehensive tests and configuration options for package users.

This post also includes trouble-shooting and mistakes. Therefore, this post is be incredibly long.

Toby — 22-01-2020

Creating a TS-written NPM package for use in Node-JS or Browser.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to create an NPM package for NodeJS or the browser using Typescript without leaving built artifacts in your repository.

Toby — 26-11-2019

Implementing projects with the JAMstack

We like to implement projects with the JAMstack. Read how we create modern, responsive and highly interactive applications for web and mobile.

Toby — 17-03-2018