Our goto guy, will figure out what you need, make friends, coordinate efforts, knows what's going on, be realistic and sensible.

Special skills: getting things done.


Five star coding skills accross the board. Slightly awkward.

Special skills: boldly cut corners you never dared to consider, hit the ground running.


Will maybe eventually build the perfect solution for your problem, theoretically inclined, argumentative and alienating.

Special skills: say no to stuff that will waste time, point out your flaws.


Former redshirt turned bridge crew member, brings structure to the team by relentlessly documenting and listing things to do.

Special skills: buying healthy food for the crew, running a tight ship.

Charper Bonaroo Redshirts

We are on the lookout to employ personel for our missions, please take a look at our current vacancy or inquire directly if you are interested in working with us .